Episode 1: Twist Your Arm And Make You Shout (Pilot)

Released: March 1, 2012

Ryan Warren (Bryant Johnson) is confronted on one of his deals aside from his make-shift life working for Redman Grocery, Ernie (Kid Koppe) and Nickles (Derek Houck) reheist some pre-sold diamonds and Sabrina (Sara Johnson) manages her old life sneaking up on her when her brother Harlem (Shawn Cahill) shows back up sending her breaking an old acquaintance out of a fellow diamond enthusiast's guard. In a world where Everyone Wants Theirs...


Episode 2: Put Me In A Trance

Released: March 16, 2012

Sabrina jumps in to work for Harlem who offers Aaron a chance now to get Mindy out of his captivity but when Ernie is kidnapped by Andrew and Henry, the very same people that kidnapped Ryan, a deal is commenced with Nickles, Raulph and Knox that will take out a major player and intro a new player into the diamond dealing world of Everyone Wants Theirs...


Episode 3: Shadows Thin On The Other Side

Released: April 13, 2012

Who is Jay Lotner? You're about to find out. Understand how the smuggling at Redman Grocery started, how the Blue Kincaid Diamonds became fair play, how the lies seem to consistently lead to the inevitable false revisions of the truth, as more unwoven strands link to create our known future. Understand... Everyone. Wants. Theirs.


Episode 4: Devil's Eyes On Every Angle

Released: May 18, 2012

Can family be separated by chance? Aaron has to cope with his sister delving into his new life while Raulph suffers with his secret life of working for the good guys and playing with the bad guys. Harlem begins to set plans covering many angles including his deals with KG, future endeavors with Mindy, and a striking proposal is offered up to Henry Ellis that could make or break a career in diamonds.


Episode 5: Reflex Theory Of A Shy Killer

Released: July 9, 2012

Sabrina faces the consequences of Harlem's mistakes when assassins from the Union, some familiar and some new faces, try and carry out the hit on her life. While Andrew and Henry deal with Ernie and Nickles and the fact that 4,000 Liquid Nitro Cut diamonds are just sitting in their trunk.


Episode 6: In A Dying World Of Liars And Thieves

Released: August 8, 2012

Continued from where Ryan, Jay and Redman left off at Redman Grocery. Ryan dealing with what he really is, Jay struggling with the knowledge he has of the Charlie family and what all he wants to let Ryan in on along with past faces showing up to haunt the Diamond Crew.


Episode 7: Truth Comes Behind Bullet Pierced Eyes

Released: September 18, 2012

Ryan deals with the D'Marco family, Redman occupies Andrews time and we learn more about who Raulph really is. 


Episode 8: The Levels Of Resurrection (Season Finale)

Released: December 6, 2012

The day coming to an end... Sabrina travels to the Union with Voxy and Johnny, Ryan trying to come to terms with who he really is leaves Knox behind to go after what he wants most, reconciliation with Sabrina while Harlem meets up with multiple unexpected strangers to finalize the plans set in motion.

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